Kite Courses
1 Learn the safety kitesurfing Area Security Systems drops, neutralize the kite, power zones, safety equipment, safe attitudes (weather, site launch, space navigation, knowing your limits).
2 Set up your equipment connection lines, double-check gear, basic settings
3 Learn to pilot the kite command bar, wing overhead, flying edge of the window, untwist a wing, steering with one hand, harness
4 Learn re-launch a kite kite window edge, the kite leading edge
Learning drive dynamics (open water) and go swimming in towed Management of the kite window  in flight, figure of eight, research dynamics propulsion
Learn the float shoes enter the float without breaking down the wing, generate the power to float feet
7 Learn how to ride on the float search for useful power to raise, raise the wing to go on slides, seeking balance wing / pilot / float. Know exit on both tacks
Getting the edge  Optimize power output. Speed Control.
Going upwind
upwind on both tacks. Mastery of standard riding control management
Navigation independently off the edge, sailing upwind, first jumps, sailing group
11 Freestyle rotations, grabs, one hand ...
12 Wave riding  

How many sessions will you need?

To achieve the levels, You will need an average of:
Level 1 to 3 -> ½ day course
Levels 1 to 6 -> 2 1 / 2 days
Levels 1-7 -> 3 1 / 2 days
Levels 1-8 -> 4 half days
Levels 1 to 9 -> 5 1 / 2 days
Levels 1 to 10 -> 6 1 / 2 days



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